Eurydice, Endymion, Europs and Jupiter

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Aquila Pietro (1630 - 1692)
mm 1015x630 (ext. frame) mm 685x300 (etching)
Catalog: A
Code: A120

Aquila Pietro (Marsala 1630 - Alcamo 1692)


Eurydice, Endymion, Europs and Jupiter


"Immemor EURIDICES denuò ad inferos retracta

Non sinit ENDIMION te pectoris else severi

CINTIA: dulcis Amor coelo deduxit ab alto.

Latmia saxa petis, quaerens solatia flammae;

Syluarumque, canunque simul, simul immemor arcus.

EVROPA à IOVE, sub tauri forma, in Cretam abducta.


Annibal Carracceius pinx. AEdibus farnesianis


Io.Jacob de Rubeis formis Romae ad Templ. S. Mariae de Pace cu Priv. S. Pont.


Petrus Aquila delin. et sculp."


Big original etching, based on the paintings by Annibale Carracci, on the Galleria Farnese in Rome.

Engraved by Pietro Aquila.

Very good preservation status. Soft folding mark in the middle.

Assembled in a beautiful craftmade frame, with passepartout.

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