First paragraph about us

About us

We started in 1971 in the Lucca Historic Centre, a place with a rich cultural and artistic heritage.

Our Tuscan roots, our curiosity, education and passion is what allowed us to acquire a large variety of items. We picked them because we liked them not because they are salable.

The things we have in our store are unique gateways to a past that warm our hearts. They’re all certified original and have a great value.

We are passionated about our job, we love beauty and we like to establish long standing relationships with our customers. We believe trust is the foundation of trade.

But we too need to change: our “Bottega” is now also online, offering our half a century-experience to the world. Online we can offer promotions, great deals and most of all news on the ever changing Art Market.

The heart of our business is and will always be our studio, located in the antique district, in the Lucca Historic Centre, via del Gallo 5. Here, you’ll find a warm environment to browse, to discover paintings, watercolors, drawings, old prints, modern illustration, things and curiosities for all curious and sensitive minds.  

In our shop we also feature small, personal, and thematic exhibitions. Keep in touch and we’ll let you know!